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Thanks for visiting Jeremy Fail's Website! Here you'll find a collection of his work done in CSIS 1430, Intro to Web Development at Salt Lake Community College.

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More About Jeremy

Jeremy Fail is currently working on an Associate's degree in Computer Science at Salt Lake Community College. He plans to get a Bachelor's once he has completed his AS. He's currently working full time at Sprouts Farmers Market as the Administrative Coordinator, where he is the head of the Human Resources Department for his store, and manages all the store finances.

Jeremy has played the piano since he was 6 years old, and the organ since he was 13. He loves to play the piano and organ in his free time. He likes to spend time with his friends and family, and enjoys playing video games. He also likes to take apart and fix computers as a sort of side-job.

Jeremy's Reflection of CSIS 1430

I have really enjoyed my time in CSIS 1430 with Jeff Stone! I did not have any experience when it came to the programming aspect of the class, as I had not had a great experience in my Introduction to Programming class, so the JavaScript was probably the hardest part for me. However I really did enjoy the class, and the challenge that the JavaScript brought was also enjoyable. Since this was a hybrid class and such a short semester we didn't really go into depth with a lot of the things, which I would have liked to do, but it also gave me the opportunity to go and learn on my own a bit, which was also enjoyable. I would say that out of all the courses I've taken so far at SLCC, this is probably my favorite class so far. I am hoping Jeff will be teaching the second level of this class at a future time, as I would definitely take it from him if he did teach it. I really enjoyed his teaching style, which is why I took the class from him as I had him a previous semester for the Intro to Linux class.

Jeremy's Assignments this Semester

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